Membership - Application

Asia and Pacific Jump Rope Federation has three categories of memberships that include observational member, provisional member and full member.

Full members

National governing bodies of jump rope recognized by national sport authority or national Olympic Committee

Provisional members

National jump rope associations that offer or promote “the sport of jump rope”

Observational members

Jump rope team, clubs, associations operating at national, provincial, regional or equivalent level that offer or promote “the sport of jump rope” academic institutions, public institutions, businesses

To become member of the Asia and Pacific Jump Rope Federation, please complete and return the following application form, along with all the required documents and membership fee to the APJRF secretariat. The application will be preliminary reviewed by the secretariat, and finally reviewed by the APJRF General Assembly.

Membership fees are due in 31st December each year and are HK$ 3000 for Full Members, and HK$ 2000 for Provisional Members and Observational members. Please note that Full Members may have their right to vote revoked at the General Assembly if they have not paid the membership fees.


Please contact the APJRF secretariat for any further information.